Windproof Stove


Windproof Stove

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Runny eggs, uneven picnic tables and wind. These are some of the most frustrating challenges while cooking on a stove outdoors. Not anymore. Zippo’s stove features simple improvements like independent adjustable feet and a bubble level to ensure your cook surface is flat and easy to manage. An optional leg accessory is also available to free up valuable picnic table space. The dual burners feature a burner and chimney combination to protect against wind and direct more heat up towards the pot or pan.


– Twin Burners Produce 17,000 BTU’s
– 3-2-3 Windproof Burner Technology
– Independent Adjustable Feet
– Bubble Level
– Lid-Lock Transport Pins
– Push-Button Ignition
– Rugged, Cast Aluminum Body
– Optional Leg Accessory
– Onboard Propane
– Valve & Optional Leg Storage


– Height: 10″
– Width: 30″
– Depth: 20″
– Weight: 25 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 31.75 lbs
Dimensions 27.25 x 21.25 x 13 in


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