Tips on Buying a Hunting Rifle

Things to consider when getting ready to purchase your first hunting rifle.

Tips for Buying Hunting Rifles


1. What kind of game do you plan to hunt? This will narrow down the caliber you will choose. Also, action of gun: Bolt action, semi-auto or lever action.
2. Is caliber of ammo readily available? If you were on a hunting trip, would it be easy to find if lost, still on plane, etc.?
3. What kind of hunting do you plan on doing? Walking, sitting or in the mountains? Walking a lot, you will want to consider weight of gun. Going out west, nobody wants to carry a really heavy gun all day, along with your other gear. That can make a trip get old really fast. This also pertains to out west trips if elk, mule deer, pronghorn hunting. When still hunting in blind, weight of gun does not really pertain.
4. Most big game in North America can be taken with most common calibers: .270, .308, 30/06, 7mm, and your .300 mags.
5. Optics should be at least 50% cost of gun or more. Don’t go cheap, it could be the first and last time to get a shot of your trophy of a lifetime.
6. Don’t forget a rifle sling and gun case.
7. Bolt action most accurate, lever and semi-auto. I am really big on setting most adults up with a .308. It is just a great caliber from deer to elk. Average shooter can make 250 to 300 yard kill shots if they practice shooting the gun.
8. Most kids I put into a compact .243 or 7 mill/08, great for whitetail hunting.
9. Wood, laminate or composite stock. If you are careless, go with composite or laminate.

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